Monday, April 4, 2016

Waiting for you .. Again.

Last night felt scary long
As I blindly struggled along
Dreams of you, weak... Falling 
As I waited to hold you in my arms

And just as I slipped In a deeper sleep
You dropped further, beyond my reach
steadily falling in the black hollow
As I hovered above....I couldn't follow.

Bleary eyed, I woke up,already far 
Dragged myself under the shower
As I opened my mouth to call you out
Shunted Grief ripped up, voice died out

Piercing pain of my curdled screams
Salted waters and washed away dreams...
You had held your breath to hold my hand then...
So I am still hoping for you to hold it again.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Digitally yours

In the dead of the night
As a habit not yet undone
She unblocks him, yet again.

And in the silence that stretches
Into heavier moments,
Just stares at his screen name..

'So peaceful you look as you sleep'
She hears herself say
And next instance blocks him away.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


So I reach inside me,yet again
only to pull out some moments still afloat.. not sunk with the ticking that's lapsed...
And I drown.. Again.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Haiku#Too late

There's a tenderness that starts
Where your name ends
And then before I can warn
Its too late to stop them.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Haiku#One peaceful moment

It feels so lovely with you
Like am resting my head 
On the softness of a cloud
But then clouds do drift away.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A silent song

A Silent song.

There is something 
grown so thick in here
Something unsaid 
 Muffling our voices

Our bodies have reduced 
To empty shadows
 So close in this space
 Meeting never different orbits.

 Days months years to decades
 We move so on...
 Friendly strangers are we
 Sleeping together Under one
 starry sea.

 Trying to sync as we revolve
 Selfishly on our own resolve
 So much near yet too far
 False pride over bleeding scars

 Back in the day
 When love lit up the soul
 Smiles reached the eyes
 And pain was swallowed

 In mine was yours
 and in yours was mine
 However it was seen
 Was just perfectly fine

 Here we have reached now
 Lying still in what remains
 Just as petals plucked apart
 Depleting scent ...struggles to retain

 Not aware how long
 We been lying in this zone
 With Blurred lines
 Of the real and bygone

 This wall has grown
 So thick and strong
 Rising up slowly
 As we got busy along

 I hear my Soul call out to yours beyond
 Screaming out for another day..
 A more generous me,A more receptive you 
 The wall shall break...only If love tries... today!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Empty Words No More

Talk with me through those eyes
I no longer find comfort in your words
Dont give me now that assuring smile
I sense the conflict under the curve

No longer swoon to the fine prose you talk
Yearn to trust the rhythms of breaths therein
No longer are words seeming any true
Scattered pearls with lost worth they seem

I need no words no more to know
You say things just in the flow
and as the moment moves on
the words turn soul less stillborn

So ,
talk with me through those earnest eyes
For they shall tell me what I need to know
No more of your wooing smiles
the spell has weakened, soon will go.